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MVRDV Green Villa

"What next? A yacht to the UN covered in pot plants?"

In this week's comments update, readers are unsure if MVRDV's plan to cover the walls of a Dutch housing development in potted plants is wise.

Shelf the idea: readers aren't convinced by architecture practice MVRDV's designs for a residential development in the Netherlands, featuring green walls formed of shelves of plants.

"A zillion pots rimming each dwelling kind of looks like a cleaning nightmare with bugs, webs, urban dirt and grime," said Hilton Purvis. "Not to mention dead plant leaves strewn in and between them all."

"Plants are not mere decoration," continued Chris Becket. "But I fear that when we plop them down on low-rise buildings in the Netherlands as well as on super-talls in Manhattan (BIG's Spiral), it's doing little more than sticking flowers in a vase; there's no enduring horticulture in that. Just green-washing."

"Horrendous!" added Charles. "Can anybody see out of their flat or indeed glimpse the sun? Next thing a yacht to the UN covered in pot plants, Greta Thunberg-style."

Spadestick thought the design resembled a different building: "Nice take on Edouard Francois' Flower Tower."

This reader thinks adding plants is apt for the development's location:

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Beijing Daxing International Airport by Zaha Hadid Architects

Flight mode: 360-degree photography showing the interiors of Zaha Hadid Architects' airport terminal building in Beijing have been released, dividing readers.

"Endless dialogue of geometry and light. Only Zaha could turn such a behemoth of authority into a mesmerising promenade," exclaimed Bassel.

"Breathtaking spaces," agreed Felix Amiss. "I'm excited to visit this one. The Beijing mayor is not messing around. Bring the Foster team in, then once his design reaches capacity, bring in ZHA. I wonder who will be next?"

"I have struggled to understand the merits of parametricism," said DI77sea. "But this project – if nothing more than as pure spectacle – is simply bananas. I really want it to work because it's amazing to look at."

Alfred Hitchcock was less positive: "It doesn't look like the calm, legible and rational building that a new airport terminal should be. It looks more like a nightclub designed to make people confused and feel sick."

This commenter wasn't sure either:

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Expanding Iranian Ancient Architecture by Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar

Picture this: photomontages that combine archaeological sites in Iran with contemporary buildings designed by Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Norman Foster, have received mixed responses.

"Pointless photoshop exercise," said Heywood Floyd.

Doug Lough wasn't keen either: "Does this architect not have real clients? Why waste time to envision something that detracts from these historical sites and will never be built?"

"Are people not allowed to do things they enjoy anymore?" replied Felix Amiss.

AM was a big fan: "Excellent idea to stretch our minds while including and honoring our past in our walk to the future. So creative! The visual experience of this exercise is a catalyst for more ideas."

One commenter had a crafty suggestion for the photomontages:

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15 Clerkenwell Close by Amin Taha + Groupwork

Appealing news: commenters are thrilled that architect Amin Taha has won his appeal against Islington Council, which had ordered the demolition of the RIBA award-winning 15 Clerkenwell Close.

"Great news," said Daniel Brown. "Hopefully the amends will not be too extreme and keep the principle of the design. I love this building in my neighbourhood."

"The non-uniformity is what makes this facade work so wonderfully," added DI77sea. "Without it, the reference to the passage of time and the contemplation it evokes, so fitting in a neighbourhood of such beautiful historic architecture, would be sadly lost."

Ivana Curcic was delighted: "Congratulations! Unfortunately it lasted much too long. Hopefully there can be a better system in place so it does not get repeated."

"What a grand waste of time and money," agreed Think.

This reader summarised most people's thoughts:

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