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Space hotel: Von Braun Space Station by the Gateway Foundation

"No way am I going to wear boat shoes in space"

In this week's comments update, readers are struggling to take comparisons between the first space hotel and cruise ships seriously.

Out of this world: senior design architect of the Von Braun Space Station Tim Alatorre's has claimed the first commercial space hotel will be similar to a cruise ship, but readers aren't convinced it will have the same tourist appeal.

"It will be great until the first piece of space junk goes ripping through someone's cabin," said Just Me.

Moral Hazard was also sceptical: "As much as I love the idea of space tourism and space travel, I think this is just a pipe dream. If it's ever realised though, no way am I going to wear boat shoes in space. I didn't watch 30 years of science fiction to be dressed business casual if I ever make it up there."

"I wonder what the carbon footprint would be for a space tourist, especially as all food and potable water seems to be uplifted from Earth," continued Ian Byrne.

"If you think cell phone towers cause cancer, wait until you book the Gamma Room at Chez Curie," warned Yucca Boy.

This reader was more concerned about the sporting facilities:

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Dirtiest Porn Ever by Pornhub aims to raise Monet to remove plastic from oceans

Dirty money: readers are making jokes after adult video website Pornhub released a movie filmed on a litter-filled beach, in an attempt to raise money for removal of plastic from the world's oceans.

"Pornhub – the perfect place to get a computer virus," teased Machismo Smith.

"One can only hope that they were issued with condoms for their feet too," said Cezary Marke.

"One might laugh but it had 33.5 billion visits to the website in 2018 and its top 20 countries by web traffic are majority OECD member countries," replied Archboi92. "I think they are putting their platform to good use. This reaches more people than a lot of newspapers."

Laolu RG agreed: "Brilliant ad."

This reader was impressed too:

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BMW VBX6 Vantablack

Time to reflect: some commenters are baffled as to why BMW released a version of its X6 coupe spray-painted with "the world's blackest black" pigment.

"Cycling a bike? Wear fluorescent yellow clothing, lights, reflectors etc. Driving a car? Hey, let's make it invisible!" said Ciarán Ferrie sarcastically.

Spadestick elaborated: "Stats show that black cars get into more accidents than any other colour... now this stupidity. Let’s hope it stays off the road and production."

"I have never wanted to key a car this bad," claimed Miles Teg.

Aus-arch was less negative: "For a design-based website, the comments here are pretty petty. This won't be rolling around your suburbs preying on cyclists to hit. It's an art installation and looks cool as hell. Simple. Lighten up."

This reader was also a fan:

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Laview train Kazuyo Sejima

Window shopping: Pritzker Prize-winning architect Kazuyo Sejima has designed the Laview commuter train with huge passenger windows and a curved glass nose. The results have received mixed reviews.

"The interior is reminiscent of a psych ward," said Dean.

Bunkermentality wasn't sure either: "The undercarriage still looks pretty 19th century."

"Perfect for a Wes Anderson scene," replied Rodrigro Galván-Duque in contrast. "I love how simple and elegant Sejima has made this transportation design."

"I hope Sejima branches out to airline design," added Obesa Adipose.

One word was all this commenter needed to summarise their thoughts:

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