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Herman Miller and Vitra release Eames LTR Tables with Eucalyptus tops

Dezeen promotion: Herman Miller and Vitra have released a limited run of Eucalyptus LTR Tables – a version of Charles and Ray Eames' design with a top made from trees felled at the Eames House.

The tables were created from two eucalyptus trees harvested from the Los Angeles property, which were felled as part of the Eames Foundation's ongoing conservation plan for the house designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

Herman Miller and Vitra created the table tops in partnership with the foundation to extend the tree's longevity.

"[Charles and Ray Eames] would have appreciated this inventive use of the trees that surrounded their home," said the brands. "They valued them so much that they designed the site of the Eames House with the trees protection in mind, and even finished their living room wall in eucalyptus wood."

Eames Eucalyptus LTR Tables by Herman Miller and Vitra

The Eames LTR (Low Table Rod Base) tables, which were originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950, were used by the couple to furnish their own home, with a number still remain in the Eames House.

They are designed to stand on their own or be paired with other furniture such as chairs and beds.

Eames Eucalyptus LTR Tables by Herman Miller and Vitra

The lightweight tables' wire bases are made from simultaneously welded wire rods, an element used in many of the couple's designs such as the Eames Wire Chairs, Eames Elliptical Tables and Eames Storage Units.

LTR Tables are normally available with a solid wood, or plywood table top that can be coated in gold leaf. This will be the first time they will be available with an eucalyptus tabletop.

Approximately 600 limited edition Eucalyptus LTR Tables will be available through Herman Miller in North America, and Vitra in Europe. Both brands have donated a selection of tables to the Eames Foundation, which were auctioned to support its conservation efforts.

Eames Eucalyptus LTR Tables by Herman Miller and Vitra

The Eameses are regarded as two of the twentieth century's most influential designers.

Over the course of four-decades, Charles and Ray contributed to the film, architecture, and design industries. Their furniture pieces, including the LTR Tables, have become modern staples.

Eames Eucalyptus LTR Tables by Herman Miller and Vitra

The Eames House, built in the Pacific Palisades neighbourhood of Los Angeles during 1949, was designated a National Landmark in 2007. The property is now maintained by the Eames Foundation, chaired by Charles and Ray Eames' grandson, Eames Demetrios.

Herman Miller and Vitra, work closely with Demetrios to ensure that the furniture manufactured is always built authentically to successfully communicate, maintain and extend the work of Charles and Ray Eames.

For more information visit the Herman Miller and Vitra websites.

Photography is by Herman Miller.