Decovery paint at DDW

Dutch Design Week talk to explore sustainable materials including Decovery plant-based paint

Dezeen promotion: Decovery paint ingredient manufacturer DSM is hosting a talk at Dutch Design Week on the vital role that plant-based paint can play in making the whole design industry more environmentally friendly.

Entitled Sustainable materials from start to finish, the talk will be hosted by Lawrence Theunissen, the team's head of business development. It will focus on how a ubiquitous materials like paint should be core considerations, rather than an afterthought, when it comes to creating a sustainable design.

Speaking on behalf of the manufacturer of Decovery, Theunissen will discuss how a switch to plant-based paint can have a positive impact on both humans and the environment.

DSM at DDW Talks

During the talk Theunissen will discuss Decovery – a series of plant-based resins used for plant-based paint created by DSM as a more sustainable alternative to crude oil-based paints.

Compared to standard resins for paints, Decovery resins contain fewer Volatile Organic Compounds – chemicals which evaporate from the paint and can cause long- and short-term health issues – significantly improving indoor air quality.

Replacing some of the fossil-based compounds with plant-derived versions also reduces the coating's carbon footprint by up to 34 per cent, without adversely affecting its durability and performance.

DSM at DDW Talks

The talk is part of a DSM campaign to create awareness about plant-based paint and how to accelerate its adoption. The designers can then consider plant-based paint as a relatively low-cost and low-threshhold gateway into green design compared to other materials, which nonetheless can have a profound and lasting impact.

"Architects and designers are of course also key influencers with huge potential to shape the design industry even further when it comes to using sustainable materials," said the company.

Plant-based paint made with Decovery ingredients are designed to be used externally on facades, walls, panels, doors and window frames, while internally the paint is suitable for use on walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture.

"The time is now. And there has never been a better opportunity for everyone who uses paint to come together to accelerate this movement towards a plant-based finish – from designers and architects to manufacturers and professional painters. Join us and see how plant-based paints can support you in designing 'greener'" the company continued.

The keynote is part of DDW Talks: Crafts and Materials – a number of talks co-hosted by DSM, in which designers and industry figures will discuss creating the practices and mediums of the future.

The Dutch Design Week will take place in Eindhoven from 19 to 27 October, with the talks on Crafts and Materials set to start at 1.45pm local time on Saturday the 26th at the Fifth NRE.

Free tickets for Crafts and Materials talks are available on Eventbrite and more information about how designers and architects can utilise Decovery plant-based paint can be found on its website.