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The "only way to save the world" in the climate crisis is to ban land ownership, says Vivienne Westwood

"Plebs shouldn't be able to own their own homes"

In this week's comments update, readers disagree with Vivienne Westwood that there should be a ban on private land ownership.

Fashion killer: in light of the climate crisis "we haven't got time to talk about fashion", says British designer Vivienne Westwood. Instead, she is calling for a ban on private land ownership, much to the annoyance of readers.

"Vivian Westwood, worth £50 million, telling the general public – sorry – general plebs they shouldn't be able to own their own homes. Oh, and the world is going to end next year don'cha know," joked Bobby Dazzler.

Dev Bravedog was also amused: "'Mostly, we buy things we don't need.' Yes Divienne, like fashion items marked up by 1000 per cent!"

"You give up yours first," ordered Hank.

"I just find it plain unethical to use this to promote a fashion brand", concluded Donacio Cejas Acosta. "Looking 'revolutionary' does not make people revolutionary."

This reader could think of one person who'd agree with Westwood:

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Markerad by Virgil Abloh for IKEA

Pull the rug: commenters are confused by the latest IKEA homeware collection, designed by fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

"I'm sorry, I don't get the "Abloh" hype and I don't think I ever will," said Alex. "You can try and explain it if you like but I am not sure that even then I will understand its popularity or value."

Jean-Francois Letourneau had a suggestion: "Maybe he should've inscribed 'Mies van der Rohe' on that bed."

"And Prouvé on the table," added Pierre Mangeol.

Nathan had a different idea: "Can someone please teach Virgil how to use proper quotation marks?"

This reader was also a fan of quotation marks:

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National Portrait Gallery reveals Jony Ive portrait by Andreas Gursky

Apple of my Ive: readers are baffled by a portrait of Jony Ive, the departing chief design officer at Apple, taken by German photographer Andreas Gursky for the National Portrait Gallery in London.

"Did Samsung design Ive's smile in the photo above? It looks like a dodgy copy of a real one," said Moffat.

Sepharine agreed: "Wow, Ive has been totally Photoshopped into that photo. That isn't even his real reflection, it's just his picture mirrored. What's the deal?"

"Interesting image idea," continued Melon Design. "But come on, that's some bad Photoshop! Most glaringly Ive's shoulder is over that of his flipped image posing as his reflection. Physics, Gursky, physics – photons don't work that way. I'd expect a photographer of your calibre to pick that up."

"Do you know Gursky's work?" responded Checker. "That is literally his thing. Heavily manipulating photographs to give them an uncanny surreal feel."

This commenter still wasn't keen, despite the explanation:

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Room in a Productive Garden in Hadspen House, Somerset by Invisible Studio

Window shopping: readers are divided over a giant window that forms part of a gymnasium at The Newt hotel in Somerset. It was designed so that the building has a minimal impact on its garden setting.

"Very nice pairing of old and new," commented Doug Lough. "I especially like the use of the crushed-stone exterior."

"Very nice detailing," agreed Miles Teg. "Other than that, just fails to justify its own existence."

E17 Jack wasn't impressed: "To me this looks hugely out of context – like a Rodeo Drive boutique that's been dropped into this idyllic setting. I can imagine there was a lovely old wall there before. Couldn't they just cut a slot in that and give a glimpse of garden to the drones on their treadmills?"

Muriel Brugman was more concerned about the use of glass: "A killing machine for birds."

The choice of material was also a worry for this reader:

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