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Cleo by Dims and Stine Aas

Stine Aas designs stackable wooden chair Cleo "reminiscent of classical architecture"

This arched wooden chair by Norwegian designer Stine Aas is intended to evoke the details of classical architecture when a number are stacked on top of one another or arranged side by side.

Cleo by Dims and Stine Aas

Stine Aas – which designed Cleo for manufacturer Dims. – has created the body of the chair from a single piece of bent laminated plywood that comprises the square-shaped seat and semicircular backrest.

"The backrest is shaped in a perfect semicircle, so that when several chairs are placed in a row, they form a pattern reminiscent of the archways and decorative motifs of classical architecture," Dims. said.

Cleo by Dims and Stine Aas

The moulded sheet is fixed to a rectangular base that also forms the front set of legs. The rear legs are attached to the chair's back as part of a rectangular frame.

Cleo is made using FSC-certified ash wood and has a certificate from the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association, BIFMA, meaning it has been tested for qualities such as its safety, durability, emissions and environmentally conscious design.

"Stine wanted the simple chair to be both strong and soft – as a material, wood is visual and tactile, and speaks to humans in an emotional way, allowing for an organic expression through the design," the furniture manufacturer added.

On the bottom of each chair the designer has etched the words "Cleo, Stine Aas" along with the manufacturer "Dims." and the chair's dimensions.

Cleo by Dims and Stine Aas

Cleo is available in three colour options, Natural, Fjord Blue and Tobiko Red. The paint is a non-toxic finish certified by Greenguard Gold, meaning it has been tested for harmful chemical emissions that could affect air quality.

Cleo by Dims and Stine Aas

Dims. is a furniture manufacturer that collaborates with designers to produce exclusive designs. In addition to this chair created with Stine Aas, the company has worked with Brooklyn's Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Toronto's MSDS Studio.

Other simple wooden chairs include Soft Chair by Thomas Bentzen a curved design made with moulded wood and a flat-pack chair that uses FSC wood by PearsonLloyd.