IKEA and Pizza Hut collaborate to create full-size version of pizza box table

The small piece of plastic that saves a pizza from being touched by its box has been made into a human-sized table by IKEA in collaboration with restaurant chain Pizza Hut.

Called Säva – a tongue-in-cheek take on the word pizza saver – the three-legged table is available at IKEA Hong Kong as a limited edition.

Sava table by IKEA x Pizza Hut

Three white legs protrude from the circular table top, matching the form of a pizza saver. A logo for Pizza Hut is stamped in the middle of the all-white table.

To complete the look it comes flat packed like the majority of IKEA furniture, and packaged up in a giant pizza box.

Sava table by IKEA x Pizza Hut

The construction instructions contain an extra couple of stages, including ordering a pizza and placing it on the Säva.

The table was created as a competition prize as part of a campaign by advertising agency Ogilvy to promote the two brands in Hong Kong.

Sava table by IKEA x Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has created a special Swedish meatball flavoured pizza for its side of the collaboration.

On its Facebook page the fast food brand teased the collaboration with a picture of a pizza delivery man asleep on a sofa in an IKEA shop.

The label on the pizza table says it is "perfect for small groups of teenagers and adults to sit around and enjoy the delicious Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza" and "ideal for when you want to order Pizza Hut and watch movies".

Sava table by IKEA x Pizza Hut

It also highlights that the table is "easy to assemble and clean after you smear delicious tomato sauce on it".

At the other end of the scale, Italian brand Seletti created a set of furniture shaped like giant fast food items including hot dogs and burgers.

Sava table by IKEA x Pizza Hut

IKEA has had several unusual collaborations and projects recently. The Swedish furniture brand has redesigned the living pod of the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, and unveiled the Uppkoppla collection of 3D-printed accessories for gamers.

Fashion Designer Virgil Abloh has designed an entire range for IKEA aimed at students and young people moving into their first homes.