Virtual Design Festival

Promote your brand with a bespoke Virtual Design Festival talk or video

Promote your brand with a bespoke Virtual Design Festival talk, video or full-day takeover

Do you want to explore interesting ways to tell the story of your brand or products? We can collaborate on a digital talk, discussion, video or another bespoke content idea as part of Virtual Design Festival.

Perhaps you want to launch a new product or service or talk about an existing one. Or maybe you're a tech company that wants to speak to the global architecture and design community. Or an architecture firm with bold ideas.

We'll work with you to come up with a unique way of telling your story. Our in-house video studio is able to operate remotely to create high-quality content that will resonate with our audience. We can even assign a day of VDF to your brand and create multiple posts as part of a take-over for greater impact.

Each piece of content will be published on the Virtual Design Festival microsite, as well as being featured on Dezeen (over three million monthly visitors) and included in Dezeen's daily newsletter, which has 170,000 subscribers.

We can also create highly engaging video content to publish on Dezeen's social media channels, which have a combined total of over five million followers.

We can create one-off talks or videos, or a series of content.

For bigger partnerships, we can increase your brand's exposure by giving it a dedicated day in the Virtual Design Festival schedule. In addition to publishing the series of content, we would put it in a featured slot at the top of the Virtual Design Festival homepage and give you dedicated advertising banners across the Virtual Design Festival microsite.

Contact us now for details of prices by emailing [email protected].

VDF also offers an affordable platform for students and graduates and a digital products fair where designers and brands can promote their wares.

About Virtual Design Festival

Virtual Design Festival is the world's first online design festival, taking place from 15 April to 30 June.

The festival has already generated substantial interest around the world, with contributions lined up from many leading designers.

"The global design community has collaborated to launch the first virtual design festival in response to the coronavirus lockdown," wrote The Guardian newspaper.

Designer Ron Arad described VDF as "a great initiative to bring us together at this extraordinary time," while Tom Dixon said: "The Virtual Design Festival allows us an unexpected digital platform to describe our latest thinking."

"Thank you Dezeen for keeping the light on," said Stefano Giovannoni. "I look forward to this digital festival with Dezeen," said Yves Behar.