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Indica, a pattern from Florescence by Superstudio

Cannabis-themed Indica pattern features in Superflower's Florescence wallpaper collection

Dezeen Showroom: cannabis plants bloom in Indica, a pattern from the new Florescence collection of wallpaper by New York design studio Superflower.

Superflower created the Florescence collection by taking photographs of real flowers and layering them to create "fantastical" floral composites.

"The cannabis plant, known for its medicinal healing properties, is also a visually stunning form," said Superflower, which was founded in 2016 by Andrew Zuckerman and Nicole Bergen.

"The Indica pattern celebrates the phenomena of this flower and elevates it to be used in space. In many ways, this pattern transforms this natural weed into a luxury form."

Indica is one of nine patterns from the Florescence collection, which is available in nine colourways.

Product: Indica
Collection: Florescence
Brand: Superflower
Contact address: [email protected]

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