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The Daydreamer is a capsule collection of wallpaper by Gio Pagani for Londonart 

Dezeen promotion: Italian designer Gio Pagani has created The Daydreamer, a collection for wallpaper brand Londonart that mixes 1970s style and Japanese prints.

The Daydreamer set of wallpapers ranges from illustrative figurative scenes, repeating motifs of plants and animals, and more abstract patterns of lines and colours.

Are You Experienced for Londonart
Top: Dance Little Sister in red. Above: Are You Experienced features a tiger motif

"Pop accents, cinematographic representations, Japanese and geometric motifs from the 70s alternate in a sophisticated aesthetic journey," said Londonart.

"The common thread that binds the new wallpapers is the journey and its narration, deliberately universal, presented through new figurative languages with extensive experimentation in the use of colour, evident brushstrokes, and materials."

Fingerprint File in blue by Londonart
Dance Little Sister shows a bathing figure in a bamboo forest

Large, snarling tigers in deep ochres and brown hues stalk across the walls in Are You Experienced, while Aqualung is a soothing blue landscape of koi carp drifting through dappled water speckled with leaves.

Oversized red flowers blossom from branches like a Japanese painting in Fingerprint File, and a forest of bamboo sprouts forth in Dance Little Sister, where a bathing nude form peaks through.

Music Must Change for Londart
Music Must Change is a 1970s-style pattern

The 1970s-style prints and colourways feature in wallpapers such as Music Must Change, which has a groovy rippled surface printed to look like woven fabric.

All of the wallpapers in the collection are designed to give an impression of texture and depth.

Fingerprint File for Londonart
Red flowers bloom in Fingerprint File

"Macro decoration takes the spotlight to transform the living spaces into theatrical wings, with precious decorations, waves of colour, intoxicating flowers, and patterns reminiscent of precious fabrics," said Londonart.

"The collection is designed as a record, a vinyl, a collection of songs that, like a soundtrack, guides the viewer."

Gio Pagani is the founder of furniture brand Giopagani. Londonart is an Italian wallpaper brand headquartered in Noventa Vicentina with a showroom in Milan. Visit the company's website for more information.

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