Virtual Design Festival

Kosmos by Mesh Labs for VDF x Ventura Projects

Mesh Labs' Kosmos tableware reimagines dining experience

Mesh Labs is launching Kosmos, a collection of ceramic tableware, as part of the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: Mesh Labs
Project title: Kosmos

Mesh Labs is a Rotterdam design studio that aims to "redesign the aesthetics of dining experiences" to reflect the increasing popularity of plant-based diets.

Its most recent project Kosmos, a collection of ceramic tableware with organic and textured forms, is launching as part of VDF x Ventura Projects.

According to the studio, Kosmos is designed to evoke fertile soil and "provide diners with a microcosmic view of the natural ecosystem from which our food is derived". It is hoped to bridge the gap between food culture and nature.

"It is well known that experiencing nature, positively effects human well-being," explained Mesh Labs, "yet many of our modern rituals, eating in this case, is detached to this experience".

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