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Monochromatic renders reveal handmade Field Tiles collection
The outdoor, poolside rendering features long rectangular tiles in M900 So Chic Teal

Monochromatic renders showcase handmade Field Tiles collection

Miami design brand Field Tiles is using the VDF x Sight Unseen collaboration as a platform to unveil renderings of its debut tile collection in fantastically vibrant settings.

The images were created by Montreal-based Stefano Giacomello, who is among the cohort of CGI designers that have become known on social media for their dream-like renders.

From mustard yellow to baby blue, petrol green and bright, orangey-red, the renders feature Field Tiles' reinterpretation of classic colours.

Monochromatic renders reveal handmade Field Tiles collection
The imaginary yellow room features tiles glazed in the colour B049 Pikachu Yellow

Over a series of imagined indoor and outdoor spaces, the one-tone renders show off four of the shades that are available within the brand's Handmade 01 (HM01) collection.

As the name suggests, the tiles are handmade in Portugal from natural clays and come in more than 100 colours and 16 standard shapes.

Monochromatic renders reveal handmade Field Tiles collection
Tiles in B152 Blue Provence feature in this CGI rendering

These take the form of simple squares and rectangles in varying sizes and dimensions, which can be combined together to form more intricate patterns.

But crucially, unlike perfectly uniform, mass-produced tiles, no two tiles in the HM01 collection are exactly alike.

Field Tiles come in 16 standard shapes

That's because the traditional production process leaves space for small imperfections to distinguish each tile.

This ranges from irregular edges to unique colour nuances and a profile that isn't always perfectly flat.

The bright orange colour featured in this render is called S032 Yayo Carrot

“Our products are made with respect to craft and heritage, adding a sense of depth and time to each space where they are installed," explained the brand's founder Alex Bertman.

"Our studio philosophy is rooted in celebrating the beauty of ceramic tile basics and sharing this passion with other like-minded designers and enthusiasts.”

In order to produce as sustainably as possible, Field Tiles' partner factories reclaim any excess clay from the production process and put it back into new pieces.

More than 100 colours feature in the HM01 collection

Bertman founded Field Tiles in 2018, after he cut his teeth working in the design departments of The Standard and Rosewood hotels.

The company' mission is to provide "tile basics" sourced from traditional and emerging factories around the globe.

The next collection, titled HM02, will launch in winter 2020 and feature tiles that were handmade in the US.

No two Field Tiles are the same as they are all handmade

In the meantime, Giacomello's renderings of HM01 in situ are also on display as part of the Offsite Online virtual showcase by New York design magazine Sight Unseen.

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