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BZippy & Co.'s oversized ceramics mimic Brutalist architecture
The Giant Tube series of vases features five different interpretations of a simple cylinder

BZippy & Co's oversized ceramics mimic brutalist architecture

As part of the VDF x Sight Unseen collaboration, Los Angeles studio BZippy & Co is debuting a collection of ceramic objects that measure up to half a metre tall.

The project features the newly released Castle series of planters and side tables, as well as blowing up three of the most popular product lines from the studio's ten-year history to oversized, almost architectural proportions.

BZippy & Co.'s oversized ceramics mimic Brutalist architecture
The tallest of the Giant Tube vases, pictured here in the colour Marshmallow, stands at almost 56 centimetres high

"The new collection pushes the physical boundaries of our works, and asks how ceramic objects may be observed as the subject of a scene rather than an accent,” explained BZippy & Co's founder Bari Ziperstein.

Each piece is hand-built from slabs, creating monolithic silhouettes that nod to the construction of brutalist buildings.

BZippy & Co.'s oversized ceramics mimic Brutalist architecture
The Castle series includes both hollow planters and massive side tables

The Castle planters and side tables resemble the shape of a simplified fortress, with a massive, cuboid body and tourette-like cylinders on all four corners.

Meanwhile, the bulbous belly of the Giant Clover Ball Planter measures almost 61 centimetres wide and sits perched on top of a thick base, shaped like a four-petaled flower.

The base of the Giant Clover Ball planter resembles a four-leaf clover

At 58 centimetres, the Giant Cloud Planter is the tallest piece in the collection and consists of a cylinder with two ridged tiers that are carefully balanced on top of one another.

The Giant Tube series of vases also takes the simple, geometric shape of a cylinder as its base and features five distinct variations on the theme.

Here, the form is alternately compressed and elongated, adorned with oversized rims or small round pegs that resemble screws emerging from a piece of engineering.

BZippy & Co.'s chromatic Paladium glaze highlights the two rounded tiers of the Giant Cloud Planter

Indeed, Ziperstei thinks about the aim of the collection in very technical terms, as wanting to expand the limits of what can fit in a kiln and survive the precarious firing process.

"We really wanted to push the scale and challenge ourselves on an engineering level," she explained.

Round, protruding pegs and oversized rims feature in the Giant Tube vases

At the same time, the collection also maintains a level of playfulness, by featuring an array of colourful glazes.

These range from the signature azure blue of French artist Yves Klein, to the shimmering, metallic shade Paladium and the newly-released, deep Chrome Green.

Chrome Green is a new coloured glaze being debuted as part of the collection

Ziperstei, who trained as an artist, founded the BZippy & Co. ceramics studio in 2008, in order to experiment with conceptual art practices within the traditional space of ceramic craft.

The new collection is available for purchase from the studio's website and is also being shown as part of the Offsite Online contemporary design showcase by Sight Unseen.

VDF x Sight Unseen
BZippy & Co.
Project title: Giant Tube Series, Giant Clover Ball Planter, Giant Cloud Planter, Castle Planter and Side Table
Email: [email protected]

Renderings are by Charlotte Taylor and Victor Roussel.

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A variation of the Fortress Side Table sees the top half of the body twisted and offset from the bottom
BZippy & Co. hopes to push the boundaries of what can fit in a kiln
Raw Terracotta is among the finishes available
BZippy & Co. was founded by Bari Ziperstei in 2008