Virtual Design Festival

Live foraging in Finland with chef Sami Tallberg for VDF x Stockholm Design Week

Finnish chef Sami Tallberg takes Virtual Design Festival viewers on a live foraging tour of the forest surrounding his home as part of our collaboration with Stockholm Design Week.

Tallberg is a chef and food writer known for his books on vegan cuisine, foraging and wild food. During the livestream, he ventures into the forest to demonstrate how to forage wild ingredients and create a salad from the pickings.

Sami Tallberg is a chef, author, forager and biohacker who specialises in seasonal, local and wild food.
Sami Tallberg is a Finnish chef and food writer who specialises in seasonal, local and wild food

Tallberg also spoke about biohacking, the positive impacts of foraging on wellbeing, and how spending time in nature can help people find solace during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tallberg is an advocate of New Nordic cuisine, a movement spearheaded by Danish restaurant Noma that focusses on inventive and sustainable use of locally and seasonally available ingredients.

About Stockholm Design Week

Together with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm Design Week has established itself as the most important week of the year for Scandinavian Design. The week is held annually in February and is a meeting point for buyers, architects, designers, press and influencers from all over the world.

Stockholm Design Week takes place in a variety of venues across the city, from galleries and showrooms to dinner parties, after fair meetings, opening cocktails, museums and cultural institutions. The upcoming edition, Summer Design Week, will be held on 17-23 August 2020. The next Stockholm Design Week will take place on February 8-14, 2021