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L06 by Eva Natasa

Eva Natasa introduces new tables and chairs at VDF products fair

Eva Natasa has unveiled five wooden furniture pieces at the VDF products fair, including the minimalist L06 table that takes its cues from the Asian culture of floor dining.

The Indonesian brand is also showcasing a wooden table designed for both working and dining, alongside the L01 chair, L02 stool and L03 bench.

All five products are now live at the VDF products fair, which has been developed as an affordable way for designers and brands to launch new products.

L04 by Studio Eva Natasa
Eva Natasa has introduced two tables at VDF products fair including L04 (above) and L06 (top)

Each piece Eva Natasa is presenting is made using durable teak wood and brass fixtures, and forms part of its furniture collection called Lula.

The L01 chair is the first piece in the collection. It has a minimalist form characterised by angular back posts and can be finished with either a solid wood or natural rattan seat and backrest.

L01 by Studio Eva Natasa
Like the L01 chair, each piece is made from teak wood with brass fasteners

Other seating on show includes the L02 stool, which doubles as a table, and the L03 bench that is designed for multiple people in a bid to "ignite more social interaction".

The final pieces that Eva Natasa has unveiled include the L04 and L06 tables. L04 is intended for both working and dining, and described by the brand as "elegant and versatile".

L06 is a low-rise table that is designed for people to gather around while sitting on the floor, embracing the Asian culture of floor dining.

L02 by Studio Eva Natasa
The brand has also unveiled the L02 stool that is intended to double as a table

Other products on show at the VDF products fair include bicycles by Austrian brand Vello and a new wallpaper collection by New York design studio Superflower.

Danish design brands Fritz Hansen and Muuto have also launched an array of their latest furniture pieces, alongside Ukrainian brand Faina.

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].