Cloud by David Trubridge

David Trubridge redesigns Cloud lighting collection

VDF products fair: Lighting designer David Trubridge has reissued his range of Cloud lights with a more sustainable design that replaces plastic with bamboo.

The cloud-shaped light range was first launched in 2008 and made with frosted plastic, but was later discontinued by Trubridge due to the negative environmental impact of the material.

Cloud has now been given "a second chance through a new material". The new version is made almost entirely of bamboo plywood applied in horizontal strips. This allows light to shine through while offering a similar visual lightness as the former translucent plastic version.

The light is available in two sizes, and can also be made in 10 different colours ranging from red and pink to lime green and blue.

"The idea of using plastics in products was in direct violation of my ethical standards and focus on sustainable materials and design practices," explained Trubridge.

"Unfortunately, a bioplastic or resin replacement was not a good alternative due to cost and material properties."

"We pulled the product from the market and searched for ways to make it more environmentally friendly," he continued.

"Cloud is now lovingly reimagined for a new decade and an increasingly environmentally conscious global design community."

The Cloud lights are delivered to customers as a flatpack kit, saving weight and space during shipping in an effort to reduce the product's carbon footprint further.

Product: Cloud
Designer: David Trubridge
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Cloud by David Trubridge
Cloud by David Trubridge
Cloud by David Trubridge