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Axia by Phoenix

Axia taps by Phoenix

Dezeen Showroom: Australian bathroom accessories brand Phoenix has released its Axia collection of taps, which feature a minimalist design and thin cantilevered spouts.

The collection encompasses wall-mounted and freestanding basin mixer taps with integrated handles, as well as separate wall outlets and handles to adapt the collection for use in bathtubs and showers.

Axia's defining feature is the long, angular spout of its taps, which was designed to appeal to architecture lovers.

In the wall-mounted tap, this is suspended horizontally from a flat metal fixture and diagonally offset against a round mixer dial.

The outer dial is rotated clockwise around the central, fixed face to increase water flow, while two fine, coloured lines on its surface indicate temperature.

For the freestanding mixer tap, the round handle is placed on top of the spout to create a simple, cylindrical body.

Two standalone dials can be used to regulate the shower and, in a bathtub set-up, the spout and dials are attached to the wall separately.

The tap cartridges are made from high-quality brass that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, while the exterior is variously finished in chrome, matte, black or brushed nickel.

According to Phoenix's senior designer Ban Liu, the collection was developed over the course of two years.

"Our challenge was how to achieve a 6.5-millimetre-high super lean outlet through a one-piece casting," Liu explained.

"This results in a strong signature of machined-in detail with a precision control aesthetic."

Among the collection's accolades is a 2020 Red Dot Award, a Good Design Award and a 2020 iF Design Award.

Product: Axia
Brand: Phoenix
Contact address: [email protected]

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Axia by Phoenix
Axia by Phoenix