Flotex by Forbo

Flotex flooring by Forbo

VDF products fair: Flotex is a flocked flooring range by UK manufacturer Forbo, which is designed to withstand the demands of a busy ski resort while maintaining the comfort of a carpet.

Flocking is the process of applying small fibre particles to a surface. It combines the durability of resilient flooring made from PVC or rubber with the benefits of a textile, which lends warmth to a space as well as mitigating the risk of slipping and reducing impact sound by up to 22 decibels.

The range is available in the form of planks, tiles and sheets, each of which is embedded with two glass fibre net layers to strengthen the textile.

"With 100 per cent impermeable backing, Flotex is completely waterproof, making it perfect for areas with high volume foot traffic coming into ski facilities from the snow," said Forbo's Flotex product manager Chloe Taylor.

"The range is also quick drying in comparison to most carpets, reducing maintenance downtime and eliminating odours."

Per square metre, the flooring features 70 million individual fibres.

This allows for detailed, colourful designs to be digitally printed onto the surfaces, ranging from floral and geometric patterns to wood imitates.

Product: Flotex
Brand: Forbo
Contact address: info.flooring.uk@forbo.com

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Flotex by Forbo
Flotex by Forbo