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Halftone by Astro Lighting

Halftone wall lamp by Astro

Dezeen Showroom: British lighting brand Astro has released Halftone, a wall lamp with a translucent acrylic halo that reveals the backdrop behind it.

The design features a circular steel base with LED lights embedded in its rim, which are diffused by the translucent disk around it.

A subtle, dotted gradient pattern is laser etched int0 the clear acrylic, becoming denser towards the centre to create the impression of a radiating sun.

"Halftone focuses on the use of a single material in a circular form, elevating it to beauty through an intricate surface treatment," said Astro senior designer Riley Sanders.

Despite this decorative touch, the light remains see-through both when it is switched on and off, allowing the wallpaper or paint behind to take centre stage.

Halftone comes in two different sizes and depths, which can be combined and layered for spaces that require a stronger light source.

The design is part of Astro's newly released Capsule Collection Volume 01, which also includes the Orb light and io Pendant.

Product: Halftone
Brand: Astro
Contact address: [email protected]

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Halftone by Astro Lighting
Halftone by Astro Lighting