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Orb by Astro Lighting

Orb lamp by Astro

Dezeen Showroom: Astro's Orb lamp sees a playful, illuminated sphere paired with a revolving mirror for grooming or makeup application.

The two elements are connected via a u-shaped aluminium rod, each perched on the tip of one arm.

While the part of the rod that holds the lamp is securely mounted to the wall, the other half carrying the mirror can be rotated around this central pillar by 180 degrees.

Positioned next to a bathroom mirror, it is designed to offer gentle illumination and a magnified, adjustable view.

In this way, the Orb functions both as purpose-built task lighting and as a decorative, sculptural piece.

"Design is about trying to reach that point of clarity when a product is as perfect as it can be," said Astro co-founder James Bassant.

"The Orb reflects this, providing a simple design that performs far beyond its function."

It is available in matte black and chrome and can also be teamed up with a pared-back variation, which features no mirror and is mounted on a straight rod, giving it a lollipop shape.

The design is part of Astro's newly released Capsule Collection Volume 01, which also includes the Halftone light and io Pendant.

Product: Orb
Brand: Astro
Contact address: [email protected]

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