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Shapes of Italy by Caeser Ceramics

Shapes of Italy surfacing by Caesar Ceramics

Dezeen Showroom: The use of stone in Italian art and architecture informed the Shapes of Italy porcelain surface tile collection by Caesar Ceramics.

Shapes of Italy was conceived by the brand's Italian branch as a nod to the country's history and cultural heritage.

The collection comprises a range of porcelain surface tiles available in seven colourways, each designed to evoke a different Italian stone.

Each tile can be customised with a choice of four different textures, ranging from a bush-hammered effect to a sleek and smooth aesthetic, and made in 12 sizes with three slab-thicknesses.

Intended for use in any interior space as flooring or wall tiles, Caesar Ceramics hopes Shapes of Italy will provide users with a number of different opportunities and options to customise a space.

"The result of a modern concept inspired by the most elegant classicism of the finest Italian stones, Caesar porcelain tiles present new solutions for domestic settings," explained the brand.

"The range is extensive and offers plenty of potential, from large slabs to small traditional sizes; the seven different colours belong to seven different types of stone."

Product: Shapes of Italy
Brand: Caesar Ceramics
Contact address: [email protected]

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Shapes of Italy by Caeser Ceramics
Shapes of Italy by Caeser Ceramics
Shapes of Italy by Caeser Ceramics
Shapes of Italy by Caeser Ceramics