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Astro Lighting unveils Capsule Collection Volume 01 at VDF products fair
The Orb sconce by Astro Lighting features a rotating arm with a circular magnifying mirror

Astro Lighting unveils Capsule Collection Volume 01 at VDF products fair

British lighting brand Astro has launched its three-piece Capsule Collection Volume 01, which includes a bathroom lamp with a grooming mirror attached called Orb, as part of the VDF products fair.

As well as the Orb sconce, the collection also includes the Halftone wall lamp and io Pendant light.

Created by Astro Lighting's co-founder and design director James Bassant and senior designer Riley Sanders, the pieces marry a bold visual style with what they describe as a "delicacy that quietly complements" different design schemes.

All are currently on show as part of the Virtual Design Festival products fair, which gives designers and brands an affordable platform for launching new products.

Halftone by Astro Lighting
Halftone's large, acrylic rim diffuses its light into a suble glow

The Orb light doubles up as a wall decoration in its own right, thanks to its sleek aluminium frame and sculptural shape, and can feature a mirror for shaving or applying make-up.

One half of the design's U-shaped arm can be rotated, in order to move the mirror on its end into different positions for a close-up view.

Meanwhile, the Halftone light features a see-through acrylic halo with a radiating, laser-etched surface pattern reminiscent of the sun.

The io Pendant features a cylindrical glass shade

Despite being a large fixture, this allows the backdrop behind the light to subtly peek through.

The io Pendant, the only hanging fixture in the collection, fracts light through the many facets of its ridged glass shade.

This has been extruded to resemble the parallel flutes that run along the shaft of an ionic column.

A more pared-back version of the Orb light does not feature a mirror

Elsewhere at the VDF products fair, Tom Dixon has released a massive, gold-hued brass table and a lighting collection with exposed LEDs and circuit boards with German brand Prolicht.

Richard Hutten shared a revamped version of a popular Lensvelt chair design while CC-Tapis showcased a monochrome rug collection by Philippe Malouin.

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].