Meet by Caeser Ceramics

Meet surfacing by Caesar Ceramics

Dezeen Showroom: Meet is a porcelain surface collection with a wood-like finish, developed by Caesar Ceramics to suit both contemporary and classical interiors.

The collection is designed to evoke worn, antique wood and intended for use as either decorative surfacing or a pared-back backdrop in any interior space.

Meet is available in two different thicknesses and four colourways named Scandi, Chic, Allure and Eclectic, which can be installed as either vertical flooring or chevrons. The collection also features a range of decorative square tiles that can be used as inlays.

Referred to by Caesar Ceramics as an "all-round design product", the intention is for Meet to suit both modern and traditional interior finishes, and to be used in collaboration with other ceramic surface collections by the brand.

"The porcelain tile slats in the Meet collection constitute a charming encounter between the natural accent of wood and the flavour of a slightly worn material," explained the US and Italy-based brand.

"From a stylistic perspective, the Meet collection has an extremely versatile soul, which lends itself to a host of interesting combinations with other Caesar products."

Product: Meet
Brand: Caesar Ceramics
Contact address: [email protected]

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Meet by Caeser Ceramics
Meet by Caeser Ceramics
Meet by Caeser Ceramics
Meet by Caeser Ceramics