Stoneways by Caesar Ceramics

Stoneways surfacing by Caesar Ceramics USA

Dezeen Showroom: Stoneways is a series of pared-back porcelain surface tiles by Caesar Ceramics USA that take cues from rocks and their mineral veins.

The tile collection was developed by the brand for use on any surface in an interior space to help offer an elegant and minimalist finish.

Stoneways is available in four colourways named Night, Sky, Flight and Velvet that are modelled on rocks like travertine and quartzite, and adorned with linear detailing reminiscent of the crystallised mineral veins found within stones.

The porcelain tiles are available in two different sizes, alongside a selection of mosaics that can be used as decorative inlays.

"A fusion of precious stones, with subtle yet resolute vein cuts, inspire Caesar USA's new Stoneways series, distinguished by its harmonious and directional flow," said the brand, which is based in the US and Italy.

"Stoneways tile veining conveys a relaxing elegance perfect for any style and adorns your spaces with sophisticated and gentle movements."

Product: Stoneways
Brand: Caesar Ceramics USA
Contact address: [email protected]

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Stoneways by Caesar Ceramics
Stoneways by Caesar Ceramics
Stoneways by Caesar Ceramics
Stoneways by Caesar Ceramics