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Sole A Ventaglio collection by Fornasetti

Sole A Ventaglio collection by Fornasetti

Dezeen Showroom: Italian design house Fornasetti took cues from pop culture and optical illusion art when creating this series of black-and-white Sole A Ventaglio products.

Fornasetti's set of Sole A Ventaglio products combine traditional artisanal techniques with designs that are "both timeless and contemporary".

The monochrome pattern features a central sun that has been given a human face, surrounded by a circle of black and white beam-like lines or chequered squares projecting outwards.

According to Fornasetti, Sole a Ventaglio brings "a rich and intense vivacity" to any space, as demonstrated in its living room set-up, which was created as part of its Unusual Living Rooms project.

This project has seen the decorative arts company use five of its designs to create five different living room proposals, which can be viewed in VDF's live interview with Fornasetti.

Each of the prints featured across the five Unusual Living Rooms spaces aims to celebrate the "unmistakable" line and style of founder Piero Fornasetti's drawings, and pays homage to "that black line that comes from drawing and engraving".

"From a collection of ironic drawings, made by my father with that lightness of his that was never sentimental, there emerged a desire to build spaces that create a special atmosphere for a time and a place that will once again be shared," said Piero's son Barnaba Fornasetti.

Product: Sole A Ventaglio
Brand: Fornasetti
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