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S600 Line by INAX

S600 Line freestanding bathtub by INAX

Dezeen Showroom: the S600 Line freestanding bathtub from Japanese sanitaryware makers INAX features a tap that doubles as a candle tray.

INAX created the range to offer bathers the most relaxing and meditative bathing experience possible.

"The luxurious presence of the S600 Line freestanding bathtub makes your bathroom a special place to relax and unwind in your everyday life," said INAX.

A low silhouette makes getting in and out of the tub easier for shorter people and children, while the depth allows for different bathing styles.

"It is designed so that you can lie in and relax in the western way or sit up with your legs stretched in the Japanese style," said INAX. "Whichever you prefer."

The flat, wide faucet is a convenient place to perch a relaxing candle or place bath salts to complete the relaxing bathing experience.

A hand shower gives out large droplets mixed with air, emitting a comfortable stream of water. The taps are available in black or white, with matte or reflective finishes.

The S600 Line premiered last year with an exhibition exploring Japanese rituals around water.

Product:  S600 Line freestanding bathtub
Brand: INAX
Contact address: [email protected]

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S600 Line by INAX