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Crescent Border by INAX

Crescent Border tiles by INAX

Dezeen Showroom: these crescent moon-shaped tiles by Japanese brand INAX are meant to reference the roofs of traditional Japanese houses.

INAX, which originally created the tiles and terracotta for Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, designed the tiles to draw on the scooped Iraka roofs of traditional Japanese houses. These are made from tiles that the brand said "collectively create a picturesque image of waves formed in the sky".

Available in either mottled black or white ceramic cut into half-moon shapes, Crescent Border tiles are designed to be arranged in an alternating pattern without grout left exposed, creating a pattern of light and dark.

"The spatial formation using Crescent Border tiles, individually shaped in the form of a crescent moon, presents a laced arrangement that looks like ocean waves shining with moonlight," INAX added.

Crescent Border forms part of INAX's S600 Line bathroom range, which aims to combine Japanese design with modern functional demands.

Product: Crescent Border
Brand: INAX
Contact address: [email protected]

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