Intelligent Control shower system by INAX

Dezeen Showroom: Japanese brand INAX has designed the Intelligent Control shower system, which is operated by simple buttons and includes a space-saving shelf.

Part of INAX's S600 line, the shower system is easy to use and has a control panel that doubles as a bathroom shelf.

"Intelligent Control allows you to enjoy your customised shower experience every time by simply pre-setting your preferred temperature and volume of water," said INAX.

"Ergonomic design and sophisticated engineering perfect a comfortable and refreshing showering experience, just by a push and turn of a button."

The shelf element has a slight edge to prevent items falling off, and a slit at the back to stop water from pooling there. It is a convenient, space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms.

Overhead, a square shower head with rounded edges has two water settings – spray and cascade. With the cascade setting, a narrow and strong stream of water recreates the experience of standing under a waterfall.

A second shower head has a comfortable hand grip and emits large droplets of water mixed with air, for a comfortable spray that also helps conserve water.

The S600 Line Intelligent Control shower system is available in black and white, with reflective and matte finishes.

Product: Intelligent Control shower system
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