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Satis G shower toilet by INAX

Dezeen Showroom: Japanese brand INAX has created an all-black toilet that washes after use as part of its new Light & Shadow series.

The Satis G toilet has an integrated front and rear wash nozzle, leading to its description as a "shower toilet". Its Auto Seat lid opens and closes automatically, while other automated functions include the flush and an air-shield deodoriser to prevent bad odours.

The toilet is available in both black and white, as well as matte and reflective ceramic finishes, which INAX said "symbolically express the beauty of light and shadows" as a nod to the theme of its Light & Shadow bathroom collection.

The black toilet can be used with matching dark designs in the brand's S600 line, including a shower and bath taps, and is intended to be used for dark and moody bathrooms. The white version is better suited to paler finishes.

INAX was originally a producer of ceramic tiles and said that this experience enabled it to create the unusual matte black finish.

"Our ceramic technology is built on a wealth of techniques, knowledge, and experiences, accumulated over decades of research, development, and manufacturing in pursuit of optimal colours and textures," it said. "It is this ceramic technology that makes possible the luxurious feel and expression of the matte black Satis G."

Product: Shower Toilet/ Satis G
Brand: INAX
Contact address: [email protected]

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