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Commenters think "Bond villains" might like an underground concrete home concept

In this week's comments update, readers are curious about a concept for a subterranean concrete home, which was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, and sharing their views on other top stories.

The global coronavirus outbreak was the "trigger" for visualising Underground House Plan B, a piece of conceptual architecture designed by Sergey Makhno Architects.

"We realised that the world has many more unpleasant surprises for us, to which even the most highly developed environmentally, socially and technically savvy countries may not be ready," said the Kyiv-based studio.

"Fantastical fun"

Dezeen commenters are intrigued by the design. "Fantastical fun," said Cad Gibbon. "A welcome distraction from all the you-know-what."

"Here is what's great about this house," added Dmitriy Lashkevich. "It has curves, neutral colours and very pleasant views from wide panoramic windows whilst also being somewhat utilitarian with a helipad on the roof and all necessities inside. It should be built for the next futuristic blockbuster movie."

Mr J agreed: "Bond villains might like it and I confess it's rather stylish in an austere sort of way."

"A wet dream for the one per cent that envision themselves living forever separated from the rest of humanity," concluded  Idracula.

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Mississippi state flag
Mississippi to redesign state flag to remove Confederacy emblem

"The first rule of designing any flag is no typography" says one reader about the Mississippi flag redesign

A commission will be established to design a new state flag that will include the words "In God We Trust" after Mississippi voted to remove the Confederate battle emblem – a controversial symbol that was used by southern states during the American Civil War. Readers are divided.

"The first rule of designing any flag: no typography," said John.

"I wonder how long before they get around to removing the now required 'In God We Trust' from the new flag?" joked Lamont Cranston.

"'In 2001, a referendum held to replace the state's flag with a design created by an independent commission was defeated, with 64 per cent voting to retain the existing flag.' Guessing if it was left up to a public referendum this time the result would have been the same as 2001," concluded Furious B.

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"I'm not an enormous advocate of the planting of trees," says Sebastian Cox
"I'm not an enormous advocate of the planting of trees" says Sebastian Cox

Readers agree with Sebastian Cox that rewilding is good way of fighting climate change

English designer Sebastian Cox has said to Dezeen that rewilding is a better way of fighting climate change and biodiversity loss than planting trees and readers feel similarly.

"Skilled artisan and brilliant land manager is Mr Cox," said Jay C White Cloud. "Thank you for the article."

"'People who criticise the destruction of the Amazon to create farmland need to be aware that the same thing happened in England in the past. I think that we should really get our own backyard in order before we go criticising the rest of the world,' Very true!" added Apsco Radiales.

R Madhaven had a suggestion: "The problem with monoculture tree plantation is that birds and small wild creatures do not have fruits and berries from them. If you plant one fruit and berry tree for every nine timber trees this problem will be solved."

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Pharrell Williams partners with Pentatonic to create coronavirus cutlery set
Pharrell Williams partners with Pentatonic to create coronavirus cutlery set

Commenters think Pharrell Williams' coronavirus cutlery is "marketing nonsense"

Design studio Pentatonic has created a bring-your-own cutlery set called the Pebble in collaboration with Pharrell Williams' creative brand I Am Other. The set is made from recycled CDs and is said to be inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, but readers aren't buying it.

"Cutlery set for the coronavirus pandemic? Seriously?" asked Apsco Radiales. "What kind of bullsh*t marketing nonsense is that?"

Bon was also disappointed: "Anyone who has ever designed cutlery knows that you want it to be a single material. No fixings, no sharp joints, all one piece. Food gets stuck in these places, water gets in, doesn't dry and degrades the material."

"Total garbage," added CJ. "Looks like a non-functioning Fisher Price toy set."

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