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Oft Interiors "bring a new zest to the Hong Kong design industry"
The interior of Shanghai's UA Cinema in based on the idea of deconstruction and features an asymmetrical ceiling beam

Oft Interiors "bring a new zest to the Hong Kong design industry"

VDF studio profile: Oft Interiors is a Hong Kong-based design studio that specialises in cultural spaces and has overhauled the interiors of more than 50 different cinemas.

It was founded in 2013 by CM Jao and Ken Cheung, two graduates from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Jao, who has previously designed interiors for a global architecture firm, brings his experience in leisure spaces to the table, while Cheung contributes his knowledge of architectural design and environmental planning.

K11 ArtHouse is another one of Oft Interiors' cinema projects

"Our team devotes its full efforts and passions to developing innovative work," explained Cheung. "We aim to bring a new zest to the Hong Kong design industry."

In particular, the studio has made a name for itself by creating the interior design and brand positioning for cinemas and theatres across both Hong Kong and mainland China, often based on conceptual themes such as "water" or "deconstruction".

Palace Cinema in LCMall features undulating walls and ceilings

One example of this is the Palace Cinema in Shanghai's LCMall, which features a bright white lobby with undulating walls and ceilings, to represent the ripple effect that movies can have on their audiences.

The ticket counters are fitted subtly into these curves while reflective glass panelling on the walls creates the appearance of looking at the still, mirrored surface of a lake.

Hong Kong's Emperor cinema uses an inky palette of materials to suggest pencil marks

Another project, Hong Kong's Emperor cinema, is located in a building that had undergone three major renovations.

In order to bring this history to life, the studio decided to visualise the iterative process of drafting and redrafting by using materials of different textures such as inky black wallpaper, wood veneer, and nickel-plated countertops to evoke pencil marks of different strengths.

The approach for another Shanghai movie theatre, the UA Cinema in West Gate Mall, was based on the idea of deconstructing the interior using irregular lines and patterns.

In the lobby, the ceiling lacks a stable plane and instead features an asymmetrical beam that juts out at visitors from above to create a sense of surrealism.

Oft Interiors "bring a new zest to the Hong Kong design industry"

The studio has received various international awards for its interiors, including two German Design Awards in 2017, two International Property Awards and various A' Design Awards throughout the years.

Studio: Oft Interiors
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