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Verner Panton's furniture ideal for home offices

Verner Panton's furniture eases the transition to working from home

Dezeen promotion: dedicated Verner Panton manufacturer Verpan offers a range of furniture and lighting to create "homely" workspaces that suit both personal and professional uses.

Each of the manufacturer's Panton-designed furniture pieces can be combined to create efficient but comfortable workspaces.

"Creating spaces and solutions within the home that can accommodate both personal and professional needs is one of the challenges we currently face," said the brand.

"Choosing the right furniture and lighting is essential in making this behavioural change a success."

Series 430 Chair by Verpan
Verpan produces chairs that can be used in a home office

Verpan – which is the only furniture and lighting manufacturer that solely produces products designed by influential Danish designer Panton – has selected a range of its products that are suited to creating a comfortable home office.

"Covid-19 has forced us to rethink many of our everyday functions, including how and where we work," said Verpan.

"This is our take on how you can create an inspiring and comfortable space that enables you to focus on work without compromising the feeling of home."

Series 430 Chair by Verpan
The Series 430 Chair by Verpan

Among Verpan's seating options that allow for long-term comfort and can be adapted for users' personal style is the Series 430 Chair, which was designed by Panton in 1967.

The chair is available in a variety of finishes for the metal legs, as well as a range of fabrics for the upholstered seat and back rest.

Flex chair by Verpan
Verpan's adaptable Flex chair

Verpan also suggests using the Flex chair for a home-office environment. This chair was recreated from the designer's original sketches in 2019, and was designed as a versatile seat that can be used in various locations across the home.

"The elegant and classic design is super versatile and easy to use in everyday life," said Verpan about the Flex chair. "Another important feature of the chair is the special attention that Panton paid to the ergonomics, ensuring a healthy seating position."

Barboy side table
The Barboy side table was designed in 1963

As a flexible storage solution, Verpan suggests the Barboy side table. Designed by Panton in 1963, the mobile storage unit is available in orange, black, white or blue.

"When space is limited you have to get creative in order to fit all of your essentials and create a comfortable space where productivity is not compromised," explained Verpan.

"Flexibility and multipurpose functionality is key to make small spaces work."

Verpan furniture
Verpan's furniture is both personal and professional

Although many of the pieces in the Verpan collection were designed over 50 years ago, the manufacturer believes that Panton's design ethos makes them ideal for the modern home.

"Panton was a pioneer in terms of challenging the status quo," said the brand. "He was always experimenting with materials and new ways to approach product and spatial design."

"His ability to bridge healthy ergonomics and purposeful functionality with imaginative and creative shapes was a constant in his experimental design process and still very much relevant today," it added.

Find out more about Verpan's solutions for the home office on its website.