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Aritco 4000 lift by Aritco is made for residential use

Aritco 4000 lift by Aritco

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish elevator manufacturer Aritco has created Aritco 4000, an ultra-compact lift that's designed to fit in almost any home.

The Aritco 4000 lift is the manufacturer's smallest model to date and can even be installed in residences that are slightly short on space.

Its rectangular chamber can accommodate up to 250 kilograms, or two people, and be custom made in over 200 different colours so that it complements any given interior.

Aritco 4000 lift by Aritco is made for residential use
The Aritco 4000 lift is designed to be compact in size

There's also the possibility of choosing whether clear or tinted glass is used to make the lift's walls and what material finish is applied to its floor. Each lift additionally comes fitted with Aritco's SmartSafety system, which has been carefully developed to prevent accidents.

Product: Aritco 4000
Brand: Aritco
Contact: [email protected]

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