Aritco HomeLift Access by Aritco

Aritco HomeLift Access by Aritco

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish elevator manufacturer Aritco has released Aritco HomeLift Access, a practical lift for residences that lets inhabitants easily travel between floors.

Designed by Aritco in collaboration with Swedish designer Alexander Lervik, the Aritco HomeLift Access is available in a variety of dimensions that can meet the needs of different households. Up to two people can be accommodated in the smallest lift, while the largest size can hold up to six people.

The lift can be custom made in over 200 colours so that it suits any given interior. There's also eight different flooring options available for inside the lift shaft.

"The world of elevators hasn't had design as a key point…they have been more about the function and production possibilities," said Aritco.

"So the goal with our work has been for the architect to want to put the lift in because it's a nice design that can lift their spaces in a way."

Other handy features included in the Aritco HomeLift Access include a sleek control panel, an updated drive system that enables a smoother ride and an additional battery that acts as backup in the event of a power failure.

Product: Aritco HomeLift Access
Designer: Aritco and Alexander Lervik
Brand: Aritco
Contact: [email protected]

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