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Capital pendant light by Archier

Capital bronze pendant light by Archier

Dezeen Showroom: Australian design studio Archier has designed a long bronze pendant light with a fluted profile.

The 1.8-metre-long light called Capital, which comes in either satin or antique patina brass, was designed to be a dramatic room feature.

"An adaptable pendant that effortlessly sits in a variety of interior environments, the Capital is made with high-quality materials that look beautiful when switched on and off," said Archier.

Capital pendant light by Archier
The long, bronze light has a ribbed profile

LED lights fitted in the pendant are controlled by a dimmer so they can be adjusted for different moods.

"We wanted to offer a versatile light: an adjustable pendant with increased lighting control," it added.

Capital is suspended from cables that attached to the ceiling by rounded canopies. These are available in three different designs so they either protrude from the ceiling, sit flush with the ceiling or are completely recessed.

Product: Capital
Designer: Archier
Brand: Archier
Contact: [email protected]

The images are by Rakumba.

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