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Highline pendant light by Archier

Highline pendant light by Archier

Dezeen Showroom: Australian brand Archier has designed a slim, brass pendant light called Highline to be a subtle addition to interiors.

Archier came up with the idea for Highline while designing Sawmill House – a project that involved the renovation of an existing house.

"We wanted a minimal light that encouraged the architecture, already rich with material, to speak, breathe and age gracefully," said Archier.

Highline pendant light by Archier
Highline pendant light by Archier is long and slim

"Designed to disappear, the Highline can sit effortlessly in a variety of interior environments and be used in a variety of uses, encouraging the architecture to speak for itself," said the brand.

To achieve this body of Highline is slender – measuring 1.8 metres long and 25 millimetres wide – and covered in either satin or antique patina brass.

Highline pendant light by Archier
The brass is intended to age over time

"Brass is a material that ages uniquely from piece to piece, therefore colour changes over time may appear unevenly along the pendant length, dependant on each unique home environment," Archier added.

"These changes are not faults, but characteristics to celebrate."

The light, which includes details of American walnut, is suspended from the ceiling by cables attached to a round canopy. It uses high-quality LEDs and can be used for uplighting and downlighting, and for dimming.

Product: Highline
Designer: Archier
Brand: Archier
Contact: [email protected]

The images are by Rakumba.

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