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PORTS Lounge by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

PORTS Lounge by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

Dezeen Showroom: London design studio Pearson Lloyd has designed the PORTS Lounge chair and sofa for office furniture brand Bene.

Pearson Lloyd created the PORTS Lounge collection for Bene to furnish informal and formal meeting areas in modern workplaces.

PORTS Lounge by Pearson Lloyd for Bene
PORTS Lounge by Pearson Lloyd for Bene is intended for modern workplaces

"A relaxing lounge area is an essential part of the contemporary office environment," said Bene. "The Sofa and Lounge Chairs can be combined to form comfortable seating areas."

PORTS Lounge collection includes the Active Chair, which has an adjustable height altered by pulling a leather strap. The chair also has a seat tilting mechanism that allows users to switch between upright positions and more relaxed postures.

PORTS Task Lounge by Pearson Lloyd for Bene
PORTS Task Lounge is composed of a chair, a table and a partition

Rounding out the collection is the PORTS Task Lounge suite composed of the Active chair, a rotating table and an acoustic partition, with integrated power.

According to Bene, PORTS Lounge can be reconfigured in a variety of ways to create workplaces outside of traditional layouts. "Ideal for today's times when mobile devices have liberated us from static positions behind a desk," it said.

Product: PORTS Lounge
Designer: Pearson Lloyd
Brand: Bene
Contact: [email protected]

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