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Artwork for the Rado True Square Over the Abyss watch by Thukral & Tagra

Thukral & Tagra explores narratives and symbols in artwork for upcoming Rado watch

The futuristic graphics and illustrations of Thukral and Tagra will feature on a new watch for Rado, which the Indian art and design studio is currently developing with the Swiss watch brand.

To coincide with Rado Design Week on Dezeen next week, artists Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra will unveil the concept behind their design for a watch that offers a new perspective on time. They call it True Square Over the Abyss.

Rado True Square Over the Abyss watch by Thukral & Tagra
True Square Over the Abyss will feature overlapping dials, rather than hands, as depicted in this concept drawing

Instead of regular hands, the analogue display will be made up of two overlapping dials, allowing the wearer to think about the time in other countries around the world besides their own.

As these dials move, they will create ever-shifting patterns across the watch face. On the rear of the watch case, the pair will add an image from their ongoing Dominus Aeries painting series.

These highly complex artworks explore visions of the future but are laced with references to the past. They show forms of civilisation, yet they are devoid of any signs of life.

Artwork for the Rado True Square Over the Abyss watch by Thukral & Tagra
The rear will feature an image from Thukral & Tagra's Dominus Aeries series

This series is typical of Thukral and Tagra's artworks. Described as "exuberant and darkly humorous", their paintings, sculptures and installations explore themes of identity and globalisation through colourful, playful imagery.

They consist of fictional architecture and landscapes interlaced with references to Indian mythologies and mass consumer culture.

Dominus Aeries paintings by Thukral & Tagra
Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra create their artworks in a studio in New Delhi

Based in New Delhi, Thukral and Tagra have been collaborating for more than 15 years. Their work has been exhibited by the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and the Asia Pacific Triennial.

This collaboration with Rado will open up their work to a new audience.

The watch they are creating will be square – a style that has become iconic for Rado. Rooted in the brand's heritage, this shape is characteristic of every watch in the signature True Square collection.

Dominus Aeries paintings by Thukral & Tagra
They explore themes of identity and globalisation through colourful, playful imagery

Thukral and Tagra are one of four design studios contributing to Rado Design Week, a week of virtual content hosted exclusively on Dezeen from 30 November to 4 December.

Italian duo Formafantasma, British designer Tej Chauhan and Japanese studio YOY have also designed watches for Rado's True Square collection.

More details about all the watches will be unveiled during Rado Design Week, when Dezeen will broadcast a video about each watch as well as live interviews with Rado CEO Adrian Bosshard and each of the designers involved. Click here to see the schedule.

Rado Design Week takes place from 30 November to 4 December at