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Shorts that imitate Kim Kardashian's bum are "a perfect ubuesque finale for 2020" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are both horrified and delighted by silicone shorts that imitate Kim Kardashian's bum and sharing their views on other top stories.

Beate Karlsson has attempted to design never-before-seen items, resulting in the creation of human claw shoes and Kardashian-inspired padded shorts.

The Bum is a wearable replica of reality star Kardashian's rear.

The Claw shoes, which have been 3D printed from a mixture of wood fibres and silicone, take the form of giant human hands propped up on all four fingers and thumb in the gesture of an animal's claw.

"Wonderfully weird and playful!"

Readers are divided. "A perfect ubuesque finale for 2020," said Aigoual.

"2020 and after all we've been through, we are still talking about Kim's ass," added Love Your Hair.

Benny was more positive though: "Wonderfully weird and playful!"

"I want these as scale figures for my architectural drawings," concluded JZ. "We need more smiles, laughter and joy in our industry."

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Street view of WA Museum Boola Bardip in Perth by OMA and Hassell
Hassell and OMA complete top-heavy WA Museum Boola Bardip in Perth

Renovation of heritage buildings is "outright vandalism" says commenter

Readers are unimpressed by Hassell and OMA's renovation of a group of buildings in Perth, Australia, to create the WA Museum Boola Bardip. The museum is formed of five existing heritage buildings stitched together with metal-clad structures.

"Completely hideous and outright vandalism," said Alfred Hitchcock. "Disgusting."

Teiki agreed: "Like a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved, elegant friend."

"Holy crap, this is awful," concluded Nick Marshall.

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Santa Kupča creates duvet-style dresses for video calling during lockdown

Reader thinks duvet-style dresses are "hilariously brilliant"

Commenters are humoured by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Santa Kupča's Stuck-at-Home Masquerade collection. It includes three pillowy garments designed to be worn during video calls in coronavirus isolation.

"This is hilariously brilliant," said Noah Katrinchak.

"Someone is having fun!" added Mr Architect.

"Winter on the body," continued Steve Hassler. "Summer on the arms."

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Béton House at Park Hill by Whittam Cox Architects
Whittam Cox Architects creates colourful student housing for Sheffield's Park Hill

"Wish I was a student in Sheffield" says commenter

Readers are in awe of the students who get to call Béton House in Sheffield home. The accommodation was designed by Whittam Cox Architects and is the latest redevelopment phase of the brutalist Park Hill estate in the English city.

"Awesome, love it," said James L. "Wish I was a student in Sheffield."

Apsco Radiales agreed: "Colour! Good thing – badly needed in our lives."

"Lavish, safe spaces!" concluded Cet.

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