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Arancio Forme in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin

Ceramiche Refin references Mediterranean tones and patterns in Riflessi tiles

Dezeen promotion: bright colours and "brush strokes" feature in this collection of porcelain tiles by Italian brand Ceramiche Refin.

Riflessi is a range of large-format tiles for walls and floors, taking cues from Mediterranean colour palettes, patterns and craft techniques.

Blue and Amalfi in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin
Striped variations create the impression of brush strokes

The tiles come in complementary shades of green, blue, orange, white and grey, with striped variations to make it look like the colour has been applied by a paintbrush.

The range includes several geometric designs inspired by the traditional tiles of the Mediterranean region. There's also a mosaic that can be used to create an irregular effect.

Caleidos Mosaico in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin
The tiles come in five shades

"Riflessi is the result of a research project inspired by the Mediterranean regions, their atmospheres and traditions, and the coastal panoramas where the colours of the sun and the sea combine with those of the vegetation and the land," said Ceramiche Refin.

"With Riflessi, the natural elements enter and design the scenography of interiors, but with a sensory approach that transforms light into matter."

Verde in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin
The colour tiles include Verde, a muted shade of green

The colour tiles come in two different sizes – 75 by 150 centimetres, or 75 by 75 centimetres – so customers can choose between rectangular or square.

These five designs are named with the Italian words for each colour: Arancio, Blu, Verde, Grigio and Bianco.

Amalfi in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin
The Amalfi tiles combine various colours and motifs

The most decorative tile in the collection is Amalfi, a square design that combines various colours and motifs.

Named after a pretty town on Italy's southwest coast, the Amalfi tiles feature drawings of petals, leaves, ribbons and architectural elements.

Arancio Fiore and Arancio in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin
The Forme tiles create overlapping circle patterns

The single-tone Forme tiles combine to create an endless pattern of overlapping circles.

Meanwhile the Fiore tiles feature a curvy motif that can be laid in a repetitive design, or combined to create large flower patterns.

Fiore Blu in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin
The Fiore tiles combine to create large flower patterns

Caleidos is a mosaic design, featuring tiles in a mix of seemingly random shapes.

The tiles come in all five shades and there's also a multicolour arrangement.

Caleidos Bianco in Riflessi tile collection by Ceramiche Refin
Caleidos is a mosaic design

"Riflessi allows you to gently refer to the Mediterranean tradition with more or less vivid shades, depending on your environment and your decoration style," added Ceramiche Refin.

For more information about the Riflessi tiles, visit the brand's website.

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