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Ginger C wall light by Marset

Ginger C outdoor lights by Marset

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish lighting brand Marset has released Ginger C, a collection of circular outdoor sconces made of rust-coloured aluminium.

The Ginger C wall lights have shades that are both decorative and functional, helping to diffuse the light emanating from their centre.

Ginger C outdoor wall sconces by Marset
Ginger C outdoor wall lamps come in different sizes

"Lighting should not be invasive, it should complement the environment," said Marset's head of design Joan Gaspar.

"It should transmit beauty whether on or off, with the aim to accompany and seduce the user. In the end, we all seek balance in where we would like to live."

Ginger C wall mounted lights by Marset
The lamps are designed to softly diffuse light

Ginger C lights are designed to be mounted on outdoor walls to softly light paths and stairs, passageways and porches.

They are available in multiple sizes as well as in a clean white finish and can be used as individual lamps or displayed in decorative clusters.

Product: Ginger C
Designer: Joan Gaspar
Brand: Marset
Contact: [email protected]

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