S 5000 Retreat seating system by Studio Irvine for Thonet

Dezeen Showroom: Studio Irvine has created the S 5000 Retreat office chair system based on a design by its late founder James Irvine for German furniture makers Thonet.

The S 5000 Retreat collection features a mix of sofa and chair units, each with tubular steel legs and high backs designed to offer comfort and privacy in the workplace.

Chair and privacy screen from S 5000 Retreat by Studio Irvine for Thonet
The collection includes a one-seater unit and privacy screen

The seating system is a reworking of the S 5000 sofa, which Irvine created 15 years ago based on a number of Thonet pieces from the 1930s.

Irvine's wife, the architect Marialaura Rosiello-Irvine, now runs Studio Irvine and tweaked the design for an office setting, adding tables, cushions and power outlets.

Power charging outlet in S 5000 Retreat by Studio Irvine for Thonet
The chairs come with integrated power outlets

"Despite its austere design, the S 5000 Retreat has been designed to give a sense of privacy and to promote creativity," said Rosiello-Irvine.

"It invites you to play with its materials, colours, shapes and dimensions. Even the cushions allow for different shades to be combined. I like to call it 'ethical design' when companies and designers intentionally examine where they are investing and how products are created."

S 5000 Retreat by Studio Irvine for Thonet
Tables connect to the tubular metal base

The modules are available in one, two or three-seater versions, along with accessories such as a privacy divider screen.

Product: S 5000 Retreat
Designer: Studio Irvine
Brand: Thonet
Contact: [email protected]

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