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Sasha and Ilona lights by Lustre

Sasha and Ilona hand-blown pendant lights by Lustre

Dezeen Showroom: London lighting brand Lustre has released a duo of glass pendants called Sasha and Ilona that were informed by traditional Bohemian glassblowing techniques.

Each features an exposed, sinuous black cable and brushed copper hardware. But while Sasha's shade is spherical, Ilona's extends downwards into an oblong.

Sasha pendant light in aurora yellow
Top image: Sasha has a spherical shade while Ilona is oblong. Above: the lights are tethered to a sinuous exposed wire

The lights are hand-blown and flame-polished by artisans in the Czech Republic, which is historically known for its production of decorative Bohemian glass.

According to Lustre founder Lena Torchikova, the design fuses these long-established craft practices with a design that is "both contemporary and classic at the same time".

Sasha is available in four colours – black smoke, aurora yellow, fir green and amber – while Ilona can also be rendered in a tarnished petrol blue.

Close-up of Sasha pendant light in aurora yellow
The shades are made of thick, hand-blown glass

Torchikova, who grew up in Azerbaijan, began her design career after the collapse of the USSR by making fashionable clothes when there were none to be found.

She turned to glassware after moving to the Czech Republic in her 20s and now works with local glassmakers to bring the country's rich heritage to a wider audience.

Product: Sasha and Ilona
Brand: Lustre
Contact: [email protected]

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