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Bjarke Ingels

"Nobody can be the Frank Lloyd Wright of the 21st century" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are debating whether architect Bjarke Ingels ranks alongside 20th-century greats such as Frank Lloyd Wright and sharing their views on other top stories.

According to USModernist director George Smart, Ingels is equal to architects including Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen and John Lautner.

Smart stated that, "Bjarke Ingels is this century's Frank Lloyd Wright and I'm going on record with that statement."

"Let me just grab some popcorn and wait for the comments"

Readers are undecided. "Hold on, let me just grab some popcorn and wait for the comments..." said Melon Design.

"How is that possible?" asked James Coulee. "Ingels is a master of how he presents an architectural work to the media, in clear, skin deep, easy to digest snippets of ideas. His is a business, and a very lucrative one at that, but comparing a body of work that doesn't go beyond the depth of a diagram to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright is offensive."

"Nobody can be the Corbu, Kahn, Mies, Frank Lloyd Wright and so on of the 21st century," continued Pierre Alain Varreon. "Every period of global culture has its own masters, representing each their own share of the timely culture in where they live."

Greg Williams was more diplomatic: "It seems to me that this comparison is a bit early in this century to actually be effective. Perhaps give Ingels another 30-40 years and we can have a real discussion, after a critical review of his body of work."

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The Spiral by BIG
Supertall skyscraper The Spiral by BIG reaches full height in New York

"The Guggenheim will have a worthy neighbour" says reader

BIG has topped out a 314-metre-high supertall skyscraper in New York, sparking conversation between commenters. The building is set to become the headquarters of coronavirus vaccine maker Pfizer.

"Finally," said Heywood Floyd, "the Guggenheim will have a worthy neighbour."

John was less keen: "When a hurricane hits New York City those trees will be ripped out and become flying javelins."

"Nice building idea," replied Chas UGC1. "We should try to give back to the natural environment. Ignore the haters. I will."

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McDonald's packaging
McDonald's unveils graphic packaging to reflect brand's "playful point-of-view"

"How about using plates?" asks commenter

Readers are critiquing McDonald's new packaging, which was designed by branding agency Pearlfisher to incorporate illustrations of the restaurant's classic menu items.

"How about using plates?" said Zea Newland. "A portion of clients eats the items at the restaurants. Maybe eliminating packaging could be an option? Design some nice plates instead."

"The most innovative part would be if you could eat the packaging," replied You're A Star. "What about research into biodegradable and compostable or edible packaging? That would be fun."

"It's the same colourful, flat aesthetic as the new Burger King logo," added Sim. "I really like it. Quite cheerful. And nice to see that they’ve moved away from styrofoam."

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Red Sea hotel in Saudi Arabia by Foster + Partners
Foster + Partners to create ring-shaped hotel on stilts in Saudi Arabia

"They are literally parting the Red Sea" says reader

Commenters are discussing images of a Foster + Partners-designed hotel, which is set to be built on a Saudi Arabian island in the Red Sea.

"So they are literally parting the Red Sea," said Anne Christiansen.

"'And how do you bring people into those places without damaging anything?' Give it up," continued Zea Newland. "There's no non-damaging approach in tourism. You can solar-power it all you want but whatever unspoilt nature was there will be gone."

"Inspired by the thong," concluded Hello Peril.

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