A visual of a trio of skyscrapers in east London

"The Gherkin, the Cheesegrater, the Can, now comes the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are discussing the design of a trio of skyscrapers set to be built in London and sharing their views on other top stories.

Kohn Pedersen Fox plans to build three skyscrapers, linked by vertical planters, at 70 Gracechurch Street in the City of London.

The complex will play host to a mixture of retail spaces as well as a viewing platform.

It is intended as a "new voice" for London's Eastern Cluster – a group of skyscrapers that also includes KPF's Scalpel tower, alongside RSH+P's Leadenhall Building and Rafael Viñoly's Walkie Talkie.

"We don't need anymore of these sorts of buildings"

Readers aren't sold. "Does London really need anymore of these dreadful tall buildings?" asked Nigel William Wakeham."Surely when more and more people are working at home we do not need anymore of these sort of buildings."

"You should not be allowed to knock down a 10-storey building built less than 20 years ago just to go taller," continued David B."This is the type of short-term thinking that is undermining any attempt to address the climate crisis. Shameful."

Donacio Cejas coined their own name for the skyscrapers: "The Gherkin, the Cheesegrater, the Can, the Razor and the Walkie-Talkie now comes... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!"

"A trio of fugly," agreed Benny.

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Hortensia chair from The Shipping auction by Andrés Reisinger
Andrés Reisinger sells collection of "impossible" virtual furniture for $450,000 at auction

"It's very promising to see people paying for design and design only" says reader

Commenters are debating news that designer Andrés Reisinger has sold ten pieces of virtual furniture in an online auction. The most expensive non-existent item fetched almost $70,000.

"This is low-key, disgusting, pseudo-intellectual fraud," said Marc Sicard.

"The problem is not the designer and the pieces," replied J. "The problem is the people who bought them."

"I'm torn," said Blah. "It's easy to write this off as ridiculous – the furniture itself is nothing special in my opinion and the sums of money involved seem outrageous. However, it's very promising to see people paying for design, and design only – putting value on the creative process not just the physical endpoint. As an architect, it's hard to not get excited by that prospect."

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The White House
Biden revokes Trump's "beautiful" architecture executive order

"Obviously the right decision" says commenter

Sixty-nine days after it was signed, US president Joe Biden has revoked Donald Trump's executive order requiring new federal buildings to be built in the classical style. Readers are pleased.

"Obviously the right decision," said Contructionto. "The architecture community must, however, self-regulate better. A major problem with architecture is the praise given for individuality. We can't all be outlandish ingénues. We must put more emphasis on praising restoration."

"Presidents dabbling in architecture?" continued Apsco Radiales. "Could be worse – we could end up having only one architect, Ingels! Wouldn't that be a nightmare!"

"If you've ever seen photos from inside Trump's gold, marble, and jewel-encrusted Fifth Avenue penthouse, you would know not to trust Trump's aesthetic sense," concluded Chuck Anziulewiez.

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House T by Suppose Design Office
House T by Suppose Design Office is a "cave-like" concrete house in downtown Tokyo

"A postmodern caveman lives here" says reader

Commenters are critiquing a monolithic concrete home in Tokyo, which architect Tanijiri Makoto of Japanese studio Suppose Design Office has created for himself and his family.

"A postmodern caveman lives here!" said Aigoual48.

"Quite liveable actually," replied Le Canal Hertzien.

"Interesting mix of uses in such a small building," added Leo. "The apartment is great for people with photophobia."

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