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The chandeliers arranged in a group of three

Avalon chandelier by CTO Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: the mythical island of Avalon informed this chandelier by CTO Lighting, comprising rings of alabaster, brass and bronze.

Named after an island from Arthurian legend known for its mystical association with light and shadows, the Avalon chandelier is formed from rings of alabaster encapsulated in either brass or bronze.

CTO Lighting's chandelier hanging solo
Avalon comes with either brass or bronze casings

The delicate ridged shapes of the alabaster are illuminated from behind, glowing to contrast with the metal on which they are set.

Lit by a dimmable, fully integrated LED, the chandelier comes in variations with medium or large solo rings.

AVALON in the Halo formation
The Halo variation features two alabaster rings

A third, more luxurious option called Halo is two-tiered, with one medium ring and another large ring arranged above it.

Thin stainless steel cables suspend Avalon from the ceiling, and its various sizes and flexible formats mean that it can be placed in a range of settings as both functional lighting and decorative centrepieces.

AVALON in bronze
The chandelier complements various settings

Product: Avalon chandelier
Brand: CTO Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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A solo alabaster ring
A solo illuminated alabaster ring
Avalon Halo chandelier