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A pair of leather butterfly chairs with black steel frames

Pampa Mariposa chair by Cuero Design

Dezeen Showroom: Pampa Mariposa is a butterfly chair with a suspended leather seat that has been reimagined by Swedish furniture brand Cuero Design to be more generous and comfortable.

The chair was developed by the father of one of Cuero Design's co-founders, Nils Kjerstadius, who wanted to create an optimised version of this classic seating design after he found the original to be too uncomfortable.

A butterfly chair made with brown leather
Pampa Mariposa is a butterfly chair with a suspended leather seat

"My father always had a problem with the butterfly chair," Kjerstadius explained.

"So he embarked on a design odyssey that took more than 15 years. The result was this beautiful lounge chair that you see here," he continued.

"This version is considered by many to be the most beautiful butterfly chair in the world. And it is also one of the most comfortable design chairs."

A black leather lounge chair
The leather seat is available in seven colours including black

Each Pampa Mariposa chair has a base made from Swedish steel, which comes in either a chrome or black finish, as well as a four-millimetre-thick Italian leather seat that is suspended on top.

The seat itself is available in seven different colours, allowing the chair to fit into a variety of interiors ranging from homes and hotels to offices and galleries.

A green leather butterfly chair with a black frame
Each chair has a black or chrome frame

To reduce the leather's environmental impact, the material is sourced as a waste by-product from the meat industry and vegetable tanned.

Cuero Design also ships the chair flat-packed to help reduce the associated packaging waste and carbon emissions.

Product: Pampa Mariposa
Brand: Cuero Design
Contact: [email protected]

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A butterfly chair made with brown leather
A brown-leather butterfly chair with a black frame
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