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The Mindcraft Project group shot

10 new experimental Danish designs merging technology and tradition

We round up the 10 innovative new designs by Danish studios featured in our Dezeen x The Mindcraft Project 2021 collaboration, including shimmering glass architectural models, unusually textured 3D-printed recycled plastic sculptures, and a purposely excessive 300-kilogram aluminium birdbath.

Presented by the Copenhagen Design Agency, The Mindcraft Project highlights work from contemporary designers combining traditional crafts processes and materials with new technologies.

It aims to showcase the explorative and experimental design happening at the junction of art, craft, architecture and technology.

After appearing as an annual exhibition at Milan design week from 2008 to 2018, CDA relaunched the project as a digital exhibition last year and went online-only again for the 2021 edition.

Dezeen has showcased one of its projects daily since 17 March as part of the Dezeen x The Mindcraft Project 2021 collaboration, and all 10 of this year's works are gathered together below.

Chair 02 by Archival Studies in the Mindcraft exhibition

Chair 02 by Archival Studies

Chair 02 shows young studio Archival Studies taking an architectural approach to furniture design. Archival Studies approached the design of Chair 02 as a project to structurally organise a space — in this case, the human body — and the studio hopes to eventually use the same system on an architectural scale.

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Bench 01 and Bedside Tables by Bahraini-Danish in the Mindcraft Project exhibition

Bench 01 and Bedside Tables by Bahraini—Danish

A cultural exchange between two regions underlies the work of design studio Bahraini-Danish, including Bench 01 and Bedside Tables. Another distinguishing element of the furniture pieces is the way they reference architecture, with the Bench 01 recalling an arched bridge.

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Textile Veneer screen by Else-Rikke Bruun in The Mindcraft Project

Textile Veneer by Else-Rikke Bruun

Designer Else-Rikke Bruun blurs the line between fabric and wood with her Textile Veneer screen, which is made of thin birch plywood veneer that is woven like yarn. It is the latest in a series of experimental screens by Bruun, who as both an architect and a designer, is drawn to pieces of furniture that can be used to create spaces.

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300kg Beauty Bath by Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist in The Mindcraft Project exhibition

300kg Beauty Bath by Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist

A 300-kilogram aluminium sculpture contains one centimetre of water for a birdbath in artists Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist's work. The duo did not set out with any conceptual foundation or end goal for the piece; instead, they let the process — which involved working with polystyrene, tape and aluminium — dictate the end result.

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Suspense light by Kasper Kjeldgaard in The Mindcraft Project

Suspense by Kasper Kjeldgaard

A desire to create poetic compositions led to designer Kasper Kjeldgaard's delicate-looking Suspense light, which consists of an LED light, a fine brass rod and an even finer length of stainless steel fibre. By forming it into one continuous line from ceiling to ground, Kjeldgaard finds a sculptural opportunity in the lamp's cable.

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Ombre Light by Mette Schelde in The Mindcraft Project

Ombre Light by Mette Schelde

Ombre Light combines traditional materials with a newer technology to try to achieve a "sensual" effect. With a light source placed behind coloured glass, designer Mette Schelde captures the effect of sunlight glowing through clouds.

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Ctenophora Vase, Morning Dip Side Table and Echinoidea Bowl by ninetyoneninetytwo for The Mindcraft Project 2021

Ctenophora Vase, Echinoidea Bowl and Morning Dip Side Table by Ninetyoneninetytwo

Undersea creatures influenced the diversely textured forms of design studio Ninetyoneninetytwo's object series, all made of recycled plastics. The studio specialises in 3D printing, and this series is meant to explore how sustainable that process can be while challenging people's understanding of what a 3D-printed object looks like.

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Detail of Ebano cabinet by Rasmus Fenhann for The Mindcraft Project

Ebano cabinet by Rasmus Fenhann

Designer and cabinetmaker Rasmus Fenhann assembled small timber offcuts like a puzzle to produce the monolithic-looking Ebano drawers. Bearing the marks of axes and chainsaws, the texture is meant to invite touch — which might be the only way to spot the seven drawers built into the object.

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Architectural Glass Fantasies by Stine Bidstrup in The Mindcraft Project

Architectural Glass Fantasies by Stine Bidstrup

Kaleidoscopic expressionist architecture has taken over from the efficiency of modernism in the glass objects of artist Stine Bidstrup. The works are both abstract and hyper-detailed, made by blowing glass into a plaster-silica mould.

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In-tangibles by Stine Mikkelsen in The Mindcraft Project exhibition

In-tangibles by Stine Mikkelsen

Designer Stine Mikkelsen explores her mixed feelings about minimalism with In-tangibles, a series of sculptures inspired by family heirlooms. The abstract, earthy forms are shaped after a candy bowl, a brooch and a sleigh bell passed down from her grandparents.

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Photography is by Anders Sune Berg.

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