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Delavegacanolasso creates prefabricated Tini home-office cabin

Spanish architecture studio Delavegacanolasso has created a modular, prefabricated cabin that can be ordered online and delivered on the back of a truck to act as a home office, weekend retreat or even a small dwelling.

Called Tini, the compact unit arrives assembled and ready to be placed into a prepared plot. Measuring anywhere between 20 and 102 square metres, the cabin is made in Spain and comes fully furnished.

Tini cabin by Delavegacanolasso with corten steel exterior
Tini can be customised with a Corten steel shell

While the standard-sized cabins can be used as home offices, the studio envisions multiple units being connected to be used as homes.

"The main idea is to turn the desire of having your own home from a long, difficult process into a fast solution," Delavegacanolasso co-founder Ignacio de la Vega told Dezeen.

"Nowadays everything is so instantaneous while architecture is still so slow that many people wouldn't even think of building their own homes."

Modular cabin by Delavegacanolasso as seen from exterior
Tini's frame can be rendered in different colours including a deep red

The Tini cabin has a galvanised steel frame and an interior panelled with poplar orientated strand board (OSB), with insulation provided by a 12-centimetre-thick layer of recycled cotton.

This off-the-shelf home-office version can be ordered online and comes with a footprint of either 20 or 34 square metres.

Using a customisation tool, buyers can choose between two frame colours, various layouts, "cosy" or "minimalist" material palettes and a connected or self-sufficient set-up.

Tini Home Office cabin with two desks
The can function as a ready-made home office

A self-sufficient option comes with a septic tank, solar panels and a water tank, which Delavegacanolasso says will take two to three days to install. The connected Tini cabin can be linked up to water, electricity and sanitation on site.

For larger structures, two or three of the cabins can be joined together to create a larger space measuring up to 102 square metres. The studio hopes this could facilitate people moving from cities to the countryside.

OSB-panelled walls of modular cabin by Delavegacanolasso
The interior is panelled in poplar OSB

"We realised how ridiculously expensive small flats in the city are compared with large areas of land in the outskirts," explained De la Vega.

"We believe a comeback to the countryside is a solution to this and we wanted to make it as easy as possible."

Home office in a Tini cabin
The cabins can be used as home offices

Buyers also have the option of creating a more personalised cabin by adding Corten steel panels and furniture, cabinets and worktables made of local wood, pine and or matching OSB.

"We offer the possibility to customise your Tini as if it was a pair of Nikes, to make it yours and see the price from the first minute," explained De la Vega.

"We offer a very carefully designed product with high thermal performance for the same price as a regular home but we deliver it totally finished and ready to use in 60 days."

Exterior of cabin
The cabin can be customised with Corten panels

The cabin was launched right at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak last year. So far, it has largely been sold to customers in Spain, with some shipped to France and the UK.

"We understood that during lockdown people would realise how their lives could improve if their home did," added De la Vega.

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Photography is by ImagenSubliminal.

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View into Tini cabin
Person sitting in cabin by Delavegacanolasso
View into Tini cabin
View into Tini cabin
Corten steel interior of modular cabin by Delavegacanolasso
OSB interior of cabin