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It is made from 98 per cent paper

Kai launches "world's first paper razor" informed by origami

Japanese brand Kai has designed a plastic-free disposable razor made from paper and informed by origami and milk cartons.

Knife and disposable razor manufacturer Kai has developed what it claims is the world's first paper, disposable razor as a response to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

"Inspired by the plastic-free Sustainable Development Goals concepts, we are commercialising the world's first 'Paper Razor'," said Kai.

The razor has flat pack paper packaging by Kai
Top: Paper Razor by Kai. Above: the razor has a paper body

The plastic-free razor's head and blade are made from metal, while the handle is constructed using water-resistant card stock that allows it to be used while wet.

"Paper Razor aims to transform the razor into a plastic-free item and reduce plastic emissions," Kai told Dezeen.

"We adopted paper for the handle and metal for the blade and head. It is made of 98 per cent paper and two per cent paint. Only the blade part, including the entire head, is made of metal."

Folding instructions of how to use the product by Kai
Users must fold the razor to use be able to use it

Kai referenced origami and the water-resistant characteristics of disposable paper spoons and milk cartons when designing and developing the concept for Paper Razor.

It has a lightweight, flatpack design that needs to be folded to create the blade's handle and is held together by a small piece of tape that is used as a protective covering on the blade.

 It uses a protective sticker to keep it together by Kai
It has a standard metal head and blade

"We learned from a paper spoon about the design and how to make a product out of paper," Kai said.

"Also, Origami, a traditional Japanese culture, inspired us to develop Paper Razor," it continued.

"Rather than simply replacing plastic with paper, we designed the handle to be just as easy to hold and as sharp as a plastic razor."

The product is available in a range of colour and is set to launch to the public to coincide with Earth Day on 22 April.

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